Travel Visas

Travel Visas give you permission to travel to another country and remain there for a specific period of time. As a rule, your passport is all that is required to visit another country and the length of time you can stay varies from three to six months. Unless you intend to work in the country, you usually don’t need any other documentation. However, there are different types of travel visas you can obtain.

When you land in another country, your first destination in the airport will be to the customs department. Here your luggage will be screened and the representative will check over your passport and other travel documents you may have. You will have to answer questions such as why you are in the country and how long you intend to stay. If the representative is satisfied with your answers, he/she will stamp the passport and issue you a slip you must show when you depart the country again. The date at which you must leave will be included in the stamp. In most cases, this official stamp is considered to be a travel Visa.